"Flipping" Out On Facebook

This guy totally set himself up with this one. I can imagine that us girls would seem complicated to a slow guy like yourself. And don't add the little "lol" to soften up your rage. You're not even laughing. No one's ever laughing when they write "lol."

I wonder what happened to piss this guy off and then lead him to post it all over Facebook. I bet you it was one of those situations where this guy and girl are friends and the guy is only friends with the girl because he wants her. The girl, however, is friends with the guy because she wants to be his friend. The guy then asks the girl out and she declines because she's not interested in dating him. He then is confused because he thought that she was interested since she was his friend. He doesn't get it that girls can be friends with guys and not be sexually attracted to them. Therefore, he writes her off as "complicated" and expresses his frustration on Facebook. Sound possible?

Correction. What is with the random "are"? Take that out. Then stop making yourself look like an idiot posting statuses like this. Do Facebook statuses annoy anyone else, or is it just me? I could write a whole blog about it. *light bulb*