This is Who We're Trusting to Teach Our Kids?!?

Okay, so this is just unacceptable. This is a poster that is hanging up in various locations at my brother's high school. It's advertising a program available to help students with special needs with their school work. This poses two questions for me:

1). Should someone who can't spell the word "program" be allowed to help kids with schoolwork? and...

2). How can a high school hang a poster on their wall that has a blatant spelling error and not worry about it giving the school a bad reputation? Do they not proof read things before they display them for all too see?

Correction: This is either a careless mistake or the person who wrote it does not know how to spell the word "program". If it's simply a careless mistake, the person who wrote it needs to stop being lazy and proof read before they print out heaven knows how many copies. However, if they simply just don't know how to spell, they need to be fired and go back to elementry school where they will learn that "program" is spelled with an "a" not and "o".


Beware of the Bio-Moles

This is the result of taking notes too fast. I was in the library with my friend Alicia and she was studying for physiology while I was fiddling around on my computer. All of a sudden, she bursts into laughter. I asked her what was up and she struggled to tell me between chuckles:
"This is what happens when I take notes too fast...I write 'biomoles' instead of 'bio molecules'." 
She went to grab the eraser and fix it, but before she could, I ripped the notebook from her hands, whipped out my cell, and took a picture. I simply can't pass up an opportunity to share a word fail when it presents itself. Plus, the word "biomole" strikes me funny. Makes me think of a bio hazardous mole. 

Like this:


Or maybe this:

Correction: Alicia had the right idea before I so rudely ripped her notebook from her hands. Thank you  Sir Joseph Priestly for your world changing invention of the eraser. Without you, Alicia would be stuck studying "biomoles" instead of "bio molecules".  It would be a terrible tragedy.


My Favorite Kind of Flavor: The Fake Kind


This is a product found only at Walmart. Apparently they take pride in the fact that their product is made from artificial ingredients. I never get sick of this. It's a classic example of a sheer stupidity in advertising. On a side note, I love the dumb looking Joe Jonas head floating in the background. Guess someone was too lazy to put the magazine where it belongs and settled on the chip aisle as a good enough spot.

Correction: It is necessary to list that the chip's flavor is artificial.  But don't declare it proudly in large italicized font across the front. Put it in small letters towards the bottom like any sensible advertiser would.   

Thanks Windows!

Every once in a while, when my internet randomly decides to stop working, this message will pop up on my computer screen. Gee thanks, Windows. So nice of you to inform me that my wireless card network controller is defective and my internet isn't working and then so generously offer to check for a solution...online.  

Correction: I don't know...maybe don't suggest finding a solution online after just telling me that my wireless internet card isn't working? Rather, provide a list of probable reasons why it has stopped working.