Get Me Some Bread from that Sweaty, Crusty, Old Man

If you've ever been to New York City, perhaps you've seen this place. I believe it is a bakery. This, in my opinion, is a advertisement fail. I've shown this picture to a lot of people and every reaction was the same: "Eww." Exactly. 

Why? Word association. The words "hot" and "crusty" aren't usually associated with delicious bread, which is what the owners of this bakery were going for. Hot makes me think of hot weather and crusty makes me think of a crusty old man. Together, I associate the words with a sweaty, crusty, old man. Doesn't exactly draw me in or stir up my appetite. Also, it would sound weird if a mother sent her son out to run errands and said, "Could you please stop at Hot & Crusty and get me some bread?" Bleh!

Correction: Find a more appealing title for a bakery. Something like Warm & Toasty. Now doesn't that sound better? Heck, even if it were just called Bread it would sound more appealing.


Good Luck With That...

I am part of an organization at my college and at one of our meetings we did an exercise where everyone wrote on a poster things that they were hopeful for. Some kid wrote this. I say good luck climbing up the ladder when you don't even know how to spell "wealth". I think I learned how to spell that word in 3rd grade.

Correction: Brush up on your spelling buddy if you want to reach your goal. "Wealth"only has one "l".


Mystery Flavors

Other natural flavors? What does that even mean? That really could be anything. They could have put feces in this. It is technically natural. And doesn't this seem a little repetitive? "Natural Flavor With Other Natural Flavors." Shouldn't just "Natural Flavors" suffice? This is a very questionable food product.

Correction: The correction would depend on the intention. If the first mention of natural flavor is referring to cheddar, than it should say "Real Cheddar With Other Natural Flavors." If that is not the intention, it should just say "Natural Flavors" since we don't even know what the first mention of a natural flavor is anyway.