Beware of the Bio-Moles

This is the result of taking notes too fast. I was in the library with my friend Alicia and she was studying for physiology while I was fiddling around on my computer. All of a sudden, she bursts into laughter. I asked her what was up and she struggled to tell me between chuckles:
"This is what happens when I take notes too fast...I write 'biomoles' instead of 'bio molecules'." 
She went to grab the eraser and fix it, but before she could, I ripped the notebook from her hands, whipped out my cell, and took a picture. I simply can't pass up an opportunity to share a word fail when it presents itself. Plus, the word "biomole" strikes me funny. Makes me think of a bio hazardous mole. 

Like this:


Or maybe this:

Correction: Alicia had the right idea before I so rudely ripped her notebook from her hands. Thank you  Sir Joseph Priestly for your world changing invention of the eraser. Without you, Alicia would be stuck studying "biomoles" instead of "bio molecules".  It would be a terrible tragedy.