Eware of the Lizzard. Uy Some Read and Milk.

The weather channel was having some technical difficulties one day. Someone must have popped all the "B"s off of all their keyboards. Sorry Block Islanders. No one likes to see their name misspelled. 

Aside from misrepresenting towns, this technical difficulty has caused more serious issues:
I apologize for unrecognizable-ness of this photo, but the screen was moving and a 1.3 megapixel phone camera is not the greatest. But anyway, it reads "Lizzard Warning." You know, kinda like the locus warning a while back, except with scaly, crawling, eyeball-licking reptiles. In the road, in trees, on your windshield, in your mailbox, etc...People are going to be very confused and unprepared when they expect a lizard infestation and wind up with a foot of snow.

Correction: Time to call the techie!